Iskander Plate Our Special Turkish Dish

Inspired from Northwestern Turkey, Iskender kebab is a very famous dish where high quality meat are shaped thin and layered over pita bread and dressed with hot traditional marinara sauce. We give the consumers the option to enjoy Iskender in chicken, beef or a combination.

Our DipsOur signature dips

All chef inspired using the only finest ingredients, and the best methods of preparation to bring out the unique flavours, and texture of each dips. Our dips are prepared so they can be used on all features of our diverse menu, from meats, poultry and different garnishes and veggies. We give our customer the option of a choice of any two dips per meal selections.

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Sultansgrill is bringing to the North American market the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean with an urban twist. We have used savory health conscious recipes combined with our vast experience in the food industry to develop and refine each menu item, marinate, and garnish to deliver to you a premium unforgettable culinary experience. We provide gourmet dining at a high value for your dollar and at a fraction of the time commitment. Offering exceptional design,Sultansgrill gives our customers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy quality meals, enticing them to return time and time again.

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